Coffee is Life

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Coffee is Life

Carrissa King, Director of Marketing & Communication, K/H Financial

10 August 2017

Now, to be fair, I don’t mean that title LITERALLY…but metaphorically, it is SO true. I drink my coffee like I drink my water, which is so constant, I might as well have a continually IV hooked up to my arm to keep up with my consumption. I’m just saying that there is nothing wrong with a morning, mid-morning, noon, midafternoon, after work, after workout, and evening coffee break lol.

The funniest part about my coffee habit now that I am an adult is the way I drink my coffee. I basically went from a frappaccino back in high school to an Americano in my adult life. I like my coffee now to be dark, bold, and have enough caffeine to wake an elephant in 5 seconds.

Photograph by Carrissa King.

I actually met my husband through coffee in a way; he was working as a barista at DaVinci’s Coffeehouse (before it was a Gelateria). He would flirt with me through his latte art skills. He was very good at making a heart in my latte and bringing it to me while I tried to grade papers lol.

Photograph by John Glaze via David and Carrissa King’s engagement shoot.

Any time is coffee time.

Back to the magical potion that is coffee: it really and truly is a hug in a mug to me. There’s something so comforting about it, and it basically is my favorite type of comfort food if you can call a drink “food.” But aside from being a comfort, coffee is motivation, a focus-enhancer, diuretic (you know what I mean), and my favorite type of social event. I love going and getting a well-made cup of Joe with any one of my friends and/or colleagues. It gives you a sense of relaxation without getting tired in conversation.

Photograph by Carrissa King.

I really love walking down to Five80 (a coffee shop in the downtown Enid area) during the work week. Taylor and I go there often enough that the baristas know exactly what our boss orders lol. But in general, I just really love the coffee culture itself. It’s amazing how much it connects us to different parts of the world and experience their vegetation in a new and better way. I know that sounds weird, but I have tasted coffee that legit had a strong tomato after taste lol.

The real reason I am sharing this with you, though, is to relate how this development has really a direct correlation with my maturity and personality growth. I used to be slightly oblivious and would sugar coat too much to where the underlying ingredients were lost in the mix. As I’ve grown, I have not only developed a better foundation but have also learned to appreciate the simple things in life and would rather see/taste that rather than the fillers that mean nothing. I have laughed at this many times because I have basically turned into my grandpa Virgil who liked his coffee hot, black, and first thing in the morning without any bull crap. He had impeccable taste, I must say.

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