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Giving Back
Keith Holsten, Financial Advisor, RJF / CEO, K/H Financial
Posted July 31, 2017
Like many business owners who have built their businesses from the ground up, there was a time that I struggled to survive let alone consider “giving back.”

Nothing was certain, and there were no guarantees of success; however, there were two things of which I was certain and reminded myself of every day:

  1. I would be successful if I did what was right, hustled, and never gave up despite the odds.
  2. When I was successful, I would remain humble, never forget where I came from, and use my business success as a platform to give back to my community.
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Well, over the last few years and through many obstacles, I have reached this long awaited destination! Now to be sure, there are still no guarantees! So I hustle on!!

“Success is never owned it is only rented and the rent is due every day!” –unknown

So, now what? Well, each day I get to do what I love: work with my clients to help make a difference in their lives and help them achieve their goals. I also have the satisfaction of owning my own business that I built through blood, sweat, and tears and to give back to the community that has been a blessing to myself, my business, and my family.

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The very foundation of K/H Financial is built on relationships and giving generously. We can’t do everything but we can do something to leave this community a little better than we found it.

What I didn’t have any way of knowing almost 2 decades ago when I was struggling to survive and trying to build a business is that social media and technology in general would change everything!  This revolution has allowed us to promote positivity and leverage our impact in the community far more than would have been possible prior to social media and these technological advancements in communication. We are able to multiply our efforts in serving our clients, benefiting the social causes we believe in, fundraising, volunteering, and much more.

It is truly a win-win. Besides helping communicate our causes, fundraisers, social events etc., it also helps us promote our business and our brand and not in the old impersonal methods of billboards, newspapers, TV ads, etc. but in a way that is mutually beneficial to our community and our business.

Social media is the platform of the 21st century that allows us the opportunity to do good in the community all the while communicating the message of our brand, what we do for our clients, and for what we stand.

Please allow me a moment to jump on my soapbox:

I believe technology, social media, and whatever the next technologies are can have a huge positive impact on communities, businesses, and their customers. People are people and they want to do business with an organization that cares about them, cares about the community, and isn’t afraid to be transparent and communicate freely. When businesses open up to these opportunities, they become connected in a powerful way with their customers, employees, and community. It is my personal belief that we as a community, society, businesses, citizens etc. are on the brink of something wonderful, not Armageddon! Change scares people and change is resisted, but what an opportunity we have in front of us!

Here are the causes and organizations that K/H Financial supports not just financially but also by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved to help accomplish a goal or cause:

  • Miracle League Baseball
  • 4RKids
  • Enid Running Club/Triangle Insurance Great Land Run
  • Maine Street Enid/Silver Partner
  • Back a Teacher Program/EPS
  • Walk MS: Northwest OK
  • Educational Client/Community Events
  • Client/Community Social Events
  • Bennie’s Barn Horse Therapy Ranch

*Raymond James is not affiliated with the above independent organizations.

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