The Life of an Assistant

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The Life of an Assistant

Carrissa King, Marketing Director, K/H Financial

28 June 2017

“So, what do you do for a living?” is the question that is always asked when you are trying to build up a better network and meet new people, so when I reply that I am a Financial Advisor’s Assistant, you will understand me when my frustration gets a little inflamed with the usual reply, “Oh…that’s it?”

Let me explain something to you in regards to my (and Taylor’s) position: it is not JUST an assistant job. It is the a-little-bit-of-everything job. As a financial advisor’s assistant, you basically need to be able to understand the workings and information of all of the paperwork more so than the actual financial advisor (in most but not all cases) for proper execution of tasks. So if you like learning foreign languages, this part of the job should be a breeze!


You need to know who to call for what information to problem-solve a request and/or change, otherwise you will be transferred 10+ times in order to find the right person who can help. You also will develop a new “phone voice,” which is 100% different from your normal conversational tone that you would use in the office. Why? Because you CAN hear a smile over the phone, and I know you’re going to test that theory with the next phone call you make.

“It is not JUST an assistant job.”

Aside from all of the obvious things that this position entails (paperwork, home-office familiarity, financial and tax terms, etc.), one also has be willing to be versatile in all other random skills that are required to make the magic happen which include but are not limited to: construction skills, interpersonal communication skills, willingness to reconstruct your schedule/daily routine to take on more, planning and participating in out-of-office events, designing invitations, writing personal and meaningful messages in thank you cards, brainstorming with the office team, etc.


I know some of you are looking at the “construction skills” and scoffing. How much construction could a financial advisor’s assistant possibly do? She’s in a comfortable office space, so what’s so hard about that? Well, this assistant, along with Taylor Hart, has constructed 3 new desks, 2 full credenzas, a coffee table with drawers, 2 break room tables, 2 file cabinets, 2 office chairs, a pub table with 4 chairs, and (just today in fact) 2 double monitor C-clamp stands. All of this was done by the assistants with some help from Keith (he obviously still needed to keep the business booming while we were constructing lol). There is still more to do in the future, so the tool belts will never be retired from our positions.

The flexibility and creativity that is asked of this position really makes all the difference in how well your tasks and day goes. If you are not able to adapt and change as things change, then this position will definitely seem more than JUST an assistant’s job. It can almost seem overwhelming with all of the extra things that get put on the agenda and working with Keith (who goes from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds), but the skill to be able to easily adapt and change (even if that means having to completely trash work you’ve been diligently working on for the past few hours) without losing your head is essential to keep the work ball rolling.

After saying all of this, I must digress by saying that I really LOVE this job and all that it entails. It’s almost impossible to get bored when it is so multi-faceted and keeps you on your toes. It’s not JUST answering the phones and getting coffee like you see on the movie screens (although, I am TOTALLY down to get coffee since coffee is like the elixir of life and I love getting an extra half mile walk into my day); it’s a lot of everything that you may have already learned in your life as well as new skills that you will learn on the job and as the years progress. I am excited about new opportunities that are offered to me here in this office and can’t wait to further my knowledge in new avenues.

So, when I hear that question asked of me, my answer is typically, “Well, I’m called a ‘Financial Advisor’s Assistant’ because ‘Super Awesome Miracle Worker’ is not an official job title.”

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